Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This is YOUR lucky DAY!!! FreeWord ART & WIN a FREE kit!

I am posting some GREAT layouts that my CT 
and other CT's have made.
But that is not all!
Leave a comment about your favorite layout,
and your luckiest moment
and I will choose one entry (randomly)
to win a free kit of their choice from my store!
These two masterpieces are by Claudio!
This next one is by Veronika:
This one is by Lorenza- wasn't she a beautiful
bride?!! She used Fading Tulips- ON SALE now for only $2.10!

Here's a FREE WORD ART for ALL of you!

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  1. All the layouts are cool, but I LOVE the one by Claudio with the men in the background faded into the page. It's very cool! My most lucky moment was when I realized my husband was not like any other man I'd known. I'm very lucky to have him!!! Going on 22 years. He's put up with a lot! lol