Sunday, May 24, 2015

Big Batch of Fresh Paint!

Altered Amanda's Studio brings you  a big batch of Fresh Paint!



New Printables, New "Double Ups" : 

 a very Special offer of DOUBLE  Double Ups;

  We all  have expectations in our lives. How we
manage them affects us in multiple ways. 
Lots of hand drawn pieces are in this collection for
you to record your Expectations and your Life lessons!

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3 NEW DOUBLE UPS! Just in time for the special above!

And of course, some printables too!

Get them while they are still on special!!!
Can't wait to see your projects in the gDS gallery!

Wishing you a great week,
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Monday, May 4, 2015

What's on my Drawing Board

Working on my project for a current challenge in one of my favorite magazines;
Cloth, Paper, Scissors

 Just a sneak peek. Not posting the whole piece until it is submitted! ;)

Thursday, April 30, 2015

And you thought Night at the Museum was fun! Here's Zany Zoo from Zoobahlou!!!

And you thought Night at the Museum was fun! Here's Zany Zoo from Zoobahlou!!!

I love to paint, draw, create in many styles. This particular quirky style is a way to just really let go and have fun!
ATC's  Journals, cards, print and paste- Go For It!
I mean, hey, ya gotta laugh at a face like that!!!

{ I wonder if he made it there on time?!}

11127670_639777792824577_7473541829418618196_nOhMy211150620_996461470364703_6774295468918029981_n 11203073_996461530364697_2181657932509553431_n 10431688_639777842824572_5686556030564965576_n
And then there is the Happy Hippo...
Ha! Ha! Now doesn't that make you want to relax and have some good, clean fun?!!
30 % off for a limited time. Come on,  "grab ya some fun!"


"HEY!"  from Amanda of Altered Amanda's Studio!
Zoobahlou! is a project I have wanted to do for a couple of years.
I have fond memories of trips to the zoo with family and classmates.
The humor and beauty of animals are strongly represented here with realistically artistic animals,backgrounds, and accents.

10460524_10206633601419216_7781312883344072913_n  10985917_639597786175911_7109100748532908801_n11109501_898668966864177_2280906347487202603_n11168099_639597822842574_1820699407681926425_n11205022_639597782842578_6788307771091240495_n11167677_10153278152809837_7648651732740479097_n
DEFINITELY NOT your average zoo collection!
AAS_ZoobaulouBundlepvAAS_Zoobauloo_GraphicsPack1PV AAS_ZoobaulooBGpv copy
 Yes, I KNOW it says A-m-i-n-a-l-s!
That's how my son would pronounce the word as a toddler, so "Aminals" it is!
These realistically artistic renditions of the creatures have so many uses!
Scrapbooking your visits to meet and greet them is of course on the list, but it doesn't end there!
Birthday party favors, decorations, cards, flash cards for toddlers, teaching Creation, and homeschool projects are also in the lineup!
Print them and use them in your next project!
AAS_ZoobahlouAnimalsPV copyorder-now-go-shopping-shop-online-now-button
ZenPV copy
 Zen Zoo  is a pack of hand drawn zentangle animals and borders. I had such a great time making these!
You can use them as is, or fill them with color or patterns. They would be great on pages, cards, bookmarks and even printed out onto transfer paper for your creative masterpieces!  PERSONAL USE ONLY
AAS_Zoobauloo_page1 copy
11065929_639777706157919_8492218486913667680_n 11174954_10153892946828146_1801857528055929732_n
  Thanks for going on this tour with me! 
There is a 30% OFF sale in my shoppe right now!

I hope you enjoy Zoobahlou The Bundle as well as  Zen Zoo Art Pieces!