Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So, Just WHAT IS Faithbooking & Faith Journaling???

Faithbooking, or spiritual scrapbooking is a creative expression
of a person's spiritual journey, values and events
that are captured in scrapbooks,or journals that combine the use of photographs, decorated papers, scripture, thoughts, prayers, blessings,
stories and embellishments such as buttons,
ribbon and other creative art media.
The goal of faithbooking is to creatively preserve and tell a story about how a person grows spiritually.  Many religions such as 
Christianity & Judaism  have adopted the concept of faithbooking.
  Here are a few of my "faithbooking" scrapbook pages:

And "Faith Journaling"??? WHAT is THAT?
As much as Art Journaling has taken the internet 
and scrapbook world by a storm, Faith Journaling is fairly new
in the broad sense. 
Many people have kept a journal for years,
recording their struggles, questions 
and triumphs related to their faith walk. 
Combining that with artistic expressions is what Faith Journaling is about!
  It is not just quoting verses, or platitudes.
It is about being more transparent- 
showing the REAL side of walking in faith. 
That means our imperfections are exposed, t
hat means being a bit more vulnerable
than we usually are in our scrapbook or even art journal pages.
It means being REAL and Authentic. 
It is liberating to admit the ups and downs, 
to record the valley days as well as mountain top moments. 
AND the plugging away  hours inbetween the two.  These 
pages may be digital or paper or even hybrid. Today's
examples are digital. I will post some paper ones
next time I discuss Faith Journals

Here are some digital  Faith Journal pages:
NEW LINE of Designs:
  I am releasing my first fully designed  Faith Journaling kit on Friday.
It is dedicated to Faith Journaling, and is also applicable to Faithbooking. 
The journey has been  many years to get to this point. 
And it is just a beginning. 
I don't know for sure where it will all lead, 
I just know it is what I am supposed to do. 
I hope you will enjoy  Adversity's Advantage 
when it comes out at Go Digital Scrapbooking on Friday, and 
that you will begin to Faith Journal as well! :)

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