Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just a note- BE KIND or BE Gone, please

HI everyone! Just a quick note to whomever out there in digiland feels such a lack of character to continue to leave negative comments on this blog-  we have never met yet you submit comments that leave a real question to your meaning, I ask that you please state your message more clearly - AND identify yourself, or please refrain from commenting. I've found that in the past year or so that most everyone in Digi Scrapping is positive, kind and helpful. So, to all of you who fall under that category- THANKS! And I wish I didn't have to moderate your comments! It isn't fair to you. But let's move forward and continue our journey in Digiland with a smile. The rest of you, may you find a better use for your time!!! :D   AS for me, I am keepin' on!!!

 Love Everyday  is here!!!

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  1. way to go, girl, sorry you're getting slammed with negativity. that really stinks. but good job just moving on with it. =)

  2. It's so distressing to see and hear all the bad stuff that's going on with websites like these. Every other day, I either hear about or experience a favorite scrapping site going down because of hackers. And then for people to leave negative and even ugly comments at a site like yours, when it's obvious how kind you are and how much love and positive energy you are sending out, well, it's simply unbelievable that there are people who are so cruel and have so much time to waste on negative activities. The scrapping community is a beautiful place with literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people involved in creating rather than tearing down. Thank you for what you do, and please don't get discouraged or give up. The rest of us are behind you 100%!

  3. I love your stuff so I don't understand why anyone would leave a negative comment.

    Hugs to you.

  4. I am so sorry you have had to go through this! You are very talented and your designs are amazing! We all love you here in our community!!!


  5. Amanda, sweetie, we love you! You're doing great, shake it off and keep on moving. I'm so excited for you and the things that are looking up in your future. You are a mountain mover. :)