Friday, February 22, 2013

Published- Again: the FIRST time!

Life has a way of surprising you!
 I have been battling some discouragement 
in the area of my hands on art, because I have goals
 that require time applied to meet. Regular life and digital work
take up a great deal of the week.
One goal for 2012 was to be published in a printed (paper) art mag. 
I was disappointed that I didn't do that. 
Til today- I picked up the May/June 2012 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors
 to reference, and found that
 I had missed the publishing of my first ever submission!!!
 So, the discovery earlier this week was not my first time.
This tells me that I must listen to the positive Voice of my King
 and ignore the taunts of the enemy of creation! 
 I didn't particularly like my first entry,  but I was intent on submitting- that was the first step toward my goal. 
All this time, I thought I just
 "maybe wasn't doing work 
that was good enough" yet. 
Well, I see that
I was wrong. Oh Artist of little faith! Ha!

 2 for 2! Hoorah and onward & upward!!! 

 Keep going with  your goals- 
you WILL surprise yourself!


  1. Fabulous! Wonderful! Congratulations. He is faithful.

    I've been working, to no avail it seemed, for greater exposure for OSAi. Yesterday I posted on our blog for a new-to-us linky post.

    Today, just before I saw your post, I found someone I'm not connected to subscribed to our blog posts.

    He is faithful. xox