Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Faith" Art Journaling

Life sometimes is hard, but God is always good. 
 That fact doesn't change even when we cannot see Him working.
 He is still good.
 Like I told a friend of ours last night, 
the blessing was on it's way a long time ago,
 but like a big semi with a trailer load hauling over many miles,
 it takes awhile to reach you.
 You won't see it coming until it is very near- just down the road-
but it hasbeen on the way
 for a much longer time than it has been seen.
 Our faith is stronger than we think-
we just often allow our feelings to shout louder and drown out the whisper of "Peace, be still- it is on the way." :D

Paper Art Journal page:
"Faith - It's Stronger than we think."
Quiet Thoughts. Psalm 37 -"Be Still and know that I am God."

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  1. I love your journal pages. Lovely and inspirational.