Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NEW Workshops coming off the easel! Free Sampler!

NEW Workshops!
 This is my focus for 2012 with O.T.B.D.S- shorter workshops,
 each with their own kits, prompts, 
quotes/verses and video tutorials in one package! :D 
Two workshops are 6 weeks in "length"-
if you want to approach it that way.
The other- Order My Steps is 9 weeks.
 Some people like to have a deadline,
 others would like to work through the prompts
 & "assignments without due dates"
 as their schedule and heart dictates, which is PERFECTLY FINE!
Every week is done in an interactive style.

  That means that, in addition to information and a lesson,
 there are also some interactive worksheets available 
that you can either print and use as-is, or copy into your journal 
and use as the basis for an art journal entry. 
 There are some longer-term assignments that you can do over time or all at once; that help you understand 
not just "art-ing" but you in the art around you.
 I give a time frame so that you know this is just a beginning in  your
 Art Journal Experience - and YOU have the say
in how long and how far it goes! 
Order My Steps  & Creativity Keys will be available in OTBDS shoppe no later than

 -from Birdee

and Suslyn: 


 from Elysah:

From one of my Creative Wonders

Unlock the secrets of the Pros!


 AND the first to release on December 15th will be a technique based workshop for paper/ hybrid journaling & mixed media creating:

    Sneak peek: not all shown!
 This sampler is available FREE  in the shoppe

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