Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hey! I was published!!!

So, over a month ago I mailed in my entry in a Reader's Challenge.
 We were asked to doodle our art supplies.
 I didn't get confirmation of recpt,
 but decided not to stress about it. 
By now, I thought, they already chose the ones they wanted and I didn't make it this time. 
  I WAS WRONG!!!!  
 I actually was really surprised this evening 
as I sat down to read the newest issue, 

and there it was-

on page 87 was my sketch! Woo hoo!!!

Think they were inspired by my sketch for the article title? haha.
Only they know!
 I have plans to submit ideas for an article, and submit
some A.J. pages, it has just been a time factor. 
Now I am even more motivated to complete those goals!

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