Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pieces for Peace: Goodbye 2009 !

Thinking over this past year- I have to honestly say it
was the most trying ever in my 49 years. More
difficult than giving up precious Cassie. Because of
what was perpetrated against us, it was a year of giving up
myself, a piece at a time. Each piece was so painful-
not having my art supplies available- an artist piece. Missing my
cookbooks- no table for family dinners-homemaking piece;
knowing we have beautiful, comfortable
furniture in storage but people were blocking us from getting
to it, forcing our son to sleep on the floor- a piece of motherhood.
Lack of privacy and a comforting, romantic room for the two of us-
a piece of wife...
All these pieces had to be exchanged, and not too easily-
I am being transparent here- with the Peace that He offers-
It wasn't always easy to surrender these desires that I see others
taking for granted. Why did You call us to this fight?
Why not another? But no, You called us. And we said yes.
And so, the year of exchanging pieces for Peace.
This song tells alot of these feelings- and what I
had to return to each time I felt a piece of me torn away...


  1. beautiful layout! thanks for sharing.

  2. I'll pray that 2010 brings you some relief from from your personal struggles.