Sunday, January 3, 2010

NEW Doors

With a new year it seems people decide to make changes they have been putting off. It seems to be a catalyst. Also with the new year, doors open and doors close. Sadly, I am seeing a door close that affects many people. Even though I have only written for them for a few months--since Sept.09--I really respect and appreciate the people of Pixel Gypsy Designs. They are closing the store in February, and my writing days for them have ended. I am sad to see them go, and wish them many new open doors!!!
As for open doors, I have joined DigiScraps Drive In as a Paper Shaker!!!
I enjoy fresh faces and new places, and this year seems to hint at many of each!
And this blog is getting new clothes starting Monday!!!!! 
For a sneak peek, look a t the new header...

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