Tuesday, November 2, 2010

***I'M SO Excited!!!***

What a difference a day YEAR   makes"!!
I began dabbling, exploring designing a year ago. I literally knew nothing
about digital work, other than the layouts I had been doing.
I began putting my work in shoppes, and have found 
some really great opportunities with people that work together 
well without being too intense. :DLOL
So without further yahdahyadah--

Wooooo HOOOOOO!!!
 YES, 12  items for $2.00 ea.  OR LESS!!!! 
And my Hot off the Mouse new release:

You can get it all now for  50% OFF!!!
 Look what you could do:
 by Claudio
by Lorenza
from Cathy 
And from ME:
Aren't these kids in the layouts GREAT?!! DAY 2 Thankful:
I am so THANKFUL for kids' smiles. They are free because
they are innocent- once we lose innocence,
we seem to be less free- spirited.
Speaking of  being FREE- 
The first person to post a layout with JUBILEE in the ESS
Gallery ( site CT and my CT excluded) 
WINS A FREE KIT from my shoppe!

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  1. Congrats! I got banned from ESS! LOL True!

    Had that I was a CT for another store (no links to product or store), and they kicked my butt out! LOL

    Guess it's not an open gallery. I was so new then, I didn't even know what that was.

    They have some good stuff and I always enjoyed their collabs.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday!!!

    Congrats on being a designer at ESS!!!

    I love your kit Back To Class Bundle, it is so cute.

  3. Happy Birthday to you!!!!!! Let me guess... the BIG 21!!!!!

    I love your kits, they're really pretty. I think I like the Serendipity one best, but they are all excellent :)

    Angelrat (Linda)

  4. You know, I didn't talk about the kit I like, but I like them all! Jubilee is definitely different, and I love it!