Thursday, February 4, 2010

Little Bits from Circle of Life Scraps

Week Four at Stuff to Scrap Designer Darling Contest
 is all about extractions- or as paper scrappers say,
cropping. We had to photograph/ scan 3 items, 
then extract them from the photo without jaggies
(rough edges) and strays ( loose pixels). That 
means I spent a lot of time looking at each item 
at 400% zoom!  400 is much clearer 
and brighter in than 300. 
Then I took  it to PSE for the real test!
I had a great idea for an artistic ensemble,
 but one of my items was questionable
for CU. Still working on that one.
The second idea was to do a (OOPS!) 
not gonna tell you cos I am going to produce that one!!
And it is unique. But it requires my film Cannon 35 MM, 
and here it takes 3 days just to get it on a CD.
THEN, I was gonna do 3 of my original art tags. 
like this one. But I was afraid that
not many could use it.
SO.... I did Little Bits  that you 
may have today:
Once again, you have to go to the forum to download,
AND   I thought, well, maybe you might like
this trio of  tags too... 
I LOVE making tags!!

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  1. wowwwwwwww these are beautiful and so original. Will hop over to the forum now. Good luck Amanda! Love what you did this week!

  2. Wow! Just discovered your lovely site thru a link from Craft Crave to your beautiful tag freebie. Thank you so much for sharing your talent! Keep up the GREAT work!

  3. Hi I love the Little Bits, and your lovely tags. I love tags too. Thanks for sharing your talents redjanfan