Sunday, June 9, 2013

How HeARTs Heal

Artists often have difficulty finding the right price ranges for their work.
This time I didn't. I priced this just for you- the "Busy career women", "SAHMs",
"Really love to be Creatives but Cash flow is low..."

Because I truly believe in the message of this workshop;

That heARTs can heal and Art can help.

How HeARTs Heal Art Journal/ Faith Journal Workshop:

Take a look:

How HeARTs Heal delves into our soul issues, and helps to bring out the joy, light and life that is buried there as we walk through Life Storms; allowing creative ventures to lift our focus and discover just how beautiful we are and how good life truly can be!

Along with 7 inspirational chats in Jpeg form, 21 prompts and 3 digital Full size collections are included in this workshop. These are downloadable and printable.
(See Video for views of all included)

Work at your own pace, privately, or share with others in the workshop online. Workshop Members receive a coupon for 50% off an O.T.B.D.S.product of their choice to mix in with the three workshop collections.

Upon notification of successful purchase, members will receive an email with the 50% off coupon and guides to viewing video demonstrations, Art Journal Alley forum, and Gallery.

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