Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Hope and Blessings!

I am so excited about some news we received!!!!
I cannot share it just yet, as the case still has a gag order,
but we have had a "GOD moment!!!" OHHHH!,
how long we have waited for it!!!!
Not as long as the Israelites in Egypt, or the precious sufferers of the Holocaust,
but we have waited for four years!!! OHHHH.
I wish I could tell. When I am allowed, I will!!!
For now, this news makes these pages so much more filled with life, and Hope  to me.
Many of my Faithbooking pages the past years have been by pure faith,
without any "feeling". It is good to experience a lift that is substantial!

Here is the kit used for these two:
Breathless  Introspective by Rachel Hudnall

And this one I did for 52 Blessings at FS:

I am so thankful to have his broad shoulders
to lean on during this season of storms!
credits in gallery at FS