Monday, June 29, 2009

A Very Different Kind of Post

Today's post is about Life's challenges. Trying to get things right,
we sometimes cause a bigger mess. Scrapping is a great way
to ease the stress and gain a time of reflection. :) I did that this weekend with several "challenges" at MLAS.
Challenges, Challenges!
A Gourmet Scrap (Recipe Challenge) at MLAS:

3 generations of little girls, Grandma, Mom and me. Guess which one is me- leave your email in the shout box- if you are right, you get a free QP from my new (shhhh!) kit...

I am really missing Honduras, and with recent events* the nation is heavy on my heart. It is a place we once called home- a beautiful land of humble and quiet people. [From our friends and former colleagues in the capital city of Tegucigalpa, the president, Zelaya, wanted rights to an additional term as President, which is a violation of the constitution. The General opposed it, and a coup ensued. *
Here are a few photos of Saturday's events:
To some there, Zelaya is popular because of his poverty background and not necessarily his administrative skills. That seems to be a pattern in world politics this year. He is a friend of Venenzuela's president Hugo Chavez, as seen here in the photo. Chavez was actually supplying the voting machines for the vote on an additional term.
At any rate,
our adopted daughter Cassie is there- You can read her story here-
and many friends-
we pray for
the peace of Tegucigalpa,
and may they remain free
from even greater Communist influence. ]
To end on a happy note:

Credits: Rebecca_psp kits
Whimsical Garden
Tom Boy, consecutively.

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