Thursday, July 23, 2009

Artful Scrapping

My family and I have been in a 3 year season of adversity and struggle, a battle for Chrsitian's rights that we did not invite, but seem to be called to fight. We have endured some things you would not expect here in the "great USA"- and our eyes are opened. We have learned that it is true- the verse that says "Trust in no man"...God and God alone deserves our allegiance. This page is about what I have learned during this "walk in the dark"- when you can hear the calling but your eyes are denied sight, you absolutely must walk by faith. I learned that hope grows best in the dark...

This was for the A-Z challenge at GingerScraps-"H". credits here

And oh, how I love to remember this first childhood home! It had cement steps that had marbles in the cement! Slippery for adults but magical for kids. I used to sit by the side of the house, under the tree and smell the lilies. The fragrance of the lilacs was uplifting. I can recall them both to this day. This was for the Inspiration challenge at GingerScraps.

Can't you just smell them?!! credits here.

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