Wednesday, August 12, 2009

From Hump day to HUG DAY!! Freebie Hug


Wednesdays are now HUG days!! You will find a HUG from my blog to you each Wednesday!
I love doing Word art, and my brand is Word Reflections.
If YOU feel like Hugging from your blog, My Life and Scraps has something for you!

OR maybe YOU are a candidate for our Tweet Parade!

This week is about Potential! With school starting in many districts all over the US this month, I thought this was appropriate. As they go back to school, let's celebrate the potential the kids have, whether they are your own, or in your classroom.
This Word Reflection is for personal use only, not for redistribution, please.

*Your Sweetness is My Weakness by Connie Price at MY LIFE AND SCRAP used in todays' blog post

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