Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beautiful Fall

Remember Sunday drives? I Do!!! A special family time, and I love the country scenes.

Susan's kit was great for my Apple pickin' pics!

Autumn Blessings by Simply Susan Godfrey is the kit for these:

and since I am in an outdoorsy autumn mode, here is one from Carol Marion's Autumn glory:

NOW, on another note, since like my friend Linda recently said,
this IS MY blog, this video made me LIVID!!!! HOW dare they indocrinate our kids like this?!!! Praise Obama? NEVER!! Praise belongs to GOD and GOD ALONE!!!
WAKE UP true Americans! The change that was promised is coming down the pike and it has NOTHING that supports our nation's foundation!!!!! ARRRRGHHH My vent is just beginning.
But God...
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