Thursday, October 8, 2009


This is a project that adds charm to your Thanksgiving table.
The Candle Wrap, Napkin ring, and Place Tag could all be made by the kids!
I purchased my pillar candle at a Dollar Store. If you want to save money, you
Could always spell out the word “Thankful” instead of the full “Thanksgiving “or “Giving Thanks”.
[The raffia tie should be trimmed down close enough to not be concerned about being near the flame! ]

**Pillar candles or candles encased in glass jars, number determined by letters in your table's statement.
**Glue runner or double sided tape
** silk or real leaves
** raffia
** photo paper for printing
** Apple Spice kit by Growing Pains Scrapped!

Just a few steps are involved:
The Candle Wrap and Napkin ring both each consist of a rectangle and a square .
1. Measure your candle’s circumference, add one inch for the length.
2. Decide how tall of a wrap you would like on your candles.
I chose 3” .
3. Design your wrap and square for the letter.
I designed the square to be 3x3” and then copied and pasted duplicates.
Of course, the Napkin ring is smaller, approximately 5”x 2”, with a 2” square.
4. I printed “We are thankful for you” on the Napkin Ring square.
You may choose a different statement.
5. Print and cutout.

Click on images for detailed view!

Assembly is a matter of a glue stick or double sided tape- or I used a glue runner to position the square, accent leaves and connect the ends of each rectangle.
The Place tag is attached via a hole punched in the napkin ring square- bottom right corner.
After the dinner, if you are also a paper scrapper, you could grab a few of these used decorations to scrap about your dinner!!! You have plenty of time, but you know how holidays are--so get busy!! The Place tag and Napkin Ring are free for you- Download them here.

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