Friday, November 20, 2009

Pay it Forward Pie Gift Box Freebie

This week we have a chance to bless someone!! Pay it forward
with this dessert gift box. Think of someone you could make this for...

Someone in your family couldn't make it to dinner?
How about a neighbor or co worker who could use a "pick me up"?
I added a spork and and a napkin so that it was
eating ready" !!

These Great graphics came from this kit!
The food images are great!!!

I made a box for a PIE SLICE, but if you simply rotate the box to stand on
the triangle instead of the rectangle, it can be a CAKE SLICE!!!

You have two options: Use the FREE PRINTABLE ( image same as
above without text--DOWNLOAD HERE
Design your own with the template (Right Click on PNG image)


  1. This is very cool. Thanks for the quick and easy version!

  2. Thanks, i just grabbed this and its great ! Just what i needed....