Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Gem of a Sale and Hybrid Happenings...

A REAL GEM of a Sale!!!

Go to Stuff to Scrap and Fill your Scrapping Stocking!!

I garnered this hardbound book from the sale rack at our
public Library a year ago! I love the size and the title- it is
"Imagine". I am altering it and changing the title to IMAGINEATE!
It will reflect my motto: I create because I was created.
The first two pages were created using SOE's Guinevere's Beauty kit.
The papers and flowers are so lovely, and Camelot is one of my favorite
stories. I played Old Sally and a nymph in our High School musical Camelot.
AND, I discovered a letter that tells of our family history,
several years ago-- that takes us all the way back to Camelot!!! Really!!
Truly!! What better kit to start the book? I will post more pages
as they develop. :)

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