Sunday, December 13, 2009

Word Art freebie & Christmas Blessings -a reflection

Christmas has changed quite a bit for me over the past
five years for several reasons.
First, my kids have grown up; we are out of a home until the
case is settled, and our family decorations and heirloom items are
in storage which is now also tied up in the case.
This changed
a lot of things externally.
But the biggest change has been an
internal one. As an artist and lover of color and light.
of course I still enjoy the lights and decorating. But it is now
a quieter time- not just cos the kids are big. But I am talking
about how one feels about the holiday season.
For me it has
become less like a blizzard and
more like an evening of softly falling snow,
sitting by
a fireplace and sipping cocoa.
And that has been pretty constant through the year-
that is the difference! The Blessing of Christmas came long ago,
and now is with me daily. Quietly.
So much deeper than the
hoopla I used to surround myself with! The busyness,
the lists, the appointments... all of that is gone!
That is blessing number one for me in my list of 12 Christmas blessings-
Simplicity.Emma Moore created the Christmas Blessings kit
used for these layouts.

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  1. I love your analogy of the blizzard now being a softly falling snow...what a wonderful way to describe it! :)