Monday, January 4, 2010

Dreams 2010 Journal Jar and word art freebie

Here is a Word art Freebie to help you dream!!! 
I put it on a paper just so it could be seen better--

-you go ahead and imagine what should fill that paper, 
and download just the full size PNG image HERE. 
Password: dreambig

I loved this idea when I first heard of a Journal Jar- of course, I am a container lover, and found really great jars at WalMart and other places--of different shapes and sizes. I decided to see how far the idea would stretch... into a new year!
This month's project can be for yourself, a couple, or even a whole family! It really is easy to make.
Your Supply List will depend upon which journaling option you choose. So I will list everything needed for all of them.
A wide mouthed jar. (HINT: a recycled lidded candle jar is great!)
A small notebook- mine is4.25x2.25 including spirals
cardstock and paper for printer
Ribbons, trims, charms- whatever you would like to use to embellish.
Journal Prompts *( see later in this post)

There are several ways you may choose to journal:
1.Quarterly Progress Pages version
Create strips which list your Dreams for the year -one on each strip.Four lines for Actions ( steps toward that dream) allow you to track your progress each quarter. I made a page with one strip for each dream, then printed multiples. Mine are 5.5" wide and 3" in height.
If you want to track more frequently, you print 12 of each individual dream for the year.
Here is a photo of one of my strips:


OR you may prefer a Freestyle List Mini Journal.
With this, you list your Dreams on the front, and make notes, jot ideas as you wish.

(**I covered mine with fabric that coordinated with the jar and listed mine on the inside of the cover)

This can work for a family too. Several people can enter thoughts into the mini journal, or elect one person as the "Recorder".
The Journal fits right into the jar. You could drop in photos and memorabilia that relate to your Dream Actions, into the jar.

Journal Prompts.

Maybe you like the Journal Jar idea, but you don't want to journal about the dreams for the year. This is super for family times. I found a site that has many, and they are ready to print! You print them and then drop them into the jar. Pull one out when you take a Family Time break and each of you records responses in your Family Journal.
OR you could allow each family member to decorate their own mini journal!! They all should still fit into the jar, if you have a big family- better get a mammoth Pickle Jar!!! LOL!!!

Here are some links for you for Journal Prompts:
Goldmine of Journal Prompts
Journal Jar ideas
Adult Journal Jar printables
Child's Journal Jar prompts


So, design your cover for your mini journal(s), 
Your label for your jar, and or your Progress Page Cover, and print.
Cut out. Affix to journal and jar.
Print journal prompts and or Progress pages
Cut apart.

Staple Cover and Progress pages together.
Put it all together and you have something special for the whole year!!!

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