Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well, whatdya know, I was right!!!! 
There are so many really nice, helpful and generous
people out in Digiland!! Through a contest I was in
I found just the set of QC actions 
I needed to clean up my work!!! For some reason,
my program was not showing faults even at a zoom of
400%. Now I am feeling like I can move forward 
with my designing and give you even better
quality work!! YEA!!!
 And it is a good thing I found it, cos
I have signed with my first store- Secret City Treasures.

I am in the uploading process ( designers, you know what all
that entails- so say a prayer for me!! LOL) and when 
I am done, I will have a coupon and a sale for you . I will
put it on my blog here. 
Celebrate with me!!
I have signed with one other and one is  in the works. Seems maybe
one of my goals for this year  will come true!!

IN CASE you are wondering, NO that doesn't mean no more
free stuff! Not at all!!!
I really like trying things out and seeing
how the public responds. So far, so good,
in my month long design career !  haha.
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