Friday, December 31, 2010


UPDATE: I got GSO for this layout at Deviant Scrap!! Woo hoo!!!
I have decided to combine my  Art Blog with my Design blog.
After spending the week thinking about the new year and
it became clear that my art is slowing integrating
my designs like I hoped and that two similar blogs is just
one too many!  So you will see my aRt here from now on,
along with  my Scrap Designs. Thus, the name change.
I have a little room as a studio now, and plans 
for a custom studio once we move. 
This will be my "online" studio. :) 
My first entry with the Circle Of Life Studio Scraps name:
 " Who I Was Born to Be"
The explanation can be found in the challenge thread. :)

WOOT!!  I am so excited!!

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