Thursday, September 22, 2011

New City and I am having a ball at Willowing!

 FINALLY,  we have moved!  Though not the city we plan to be in long term, this new city is
refreshing!! Art is everywhere in the form of statues. The city has a group called The Hub which supports and encourages the Arts.
Look at my favorite statue:
And the library! It is HUGE, and very well appointed!
We are now living in an historic neighborhood called Hampton Heights
 Even our cat is happier here- he has a mega picture window to sit and watch all the goings on-
his very own window seat and cushion! lol

I have had a ball becoming involved at a site new to me- 

They have classes, a very friendly "forum" and a gallery. 
Now that I am getting my studio space set up,
I am looking forward to painting again, and
some more altered books... maybe some polymer clay work, hmmm :)

I also joined in a very coooool project at Altered Bits:
  The idea is to have a collaborative work
of handmade pages to create a really
tall book- hopefully two feet or taller.
I have made two pages for this project,
which actuallycomes to four pages--
Here are both sides of one:
If you are also interested in  contributing 
some pages, follow the link above to Altered Bits

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