Thursday, October 27, 2011

So this is what I bought!

Our recent trip to the Midwest took us by a really great Artsy stop:
Second Time Around.
I had so many (6) that I liked, but we had room for only one!! Arrg, the agony! LOL. So, of course I went for the brightest one there. 

Hey, maybe it will attract a few butterflies too? Could happen, maybe???
So, we are a bit more tired from all the miles and smiles today. But it is really great to be home, and the trips were very enjoyable. I love traveling with my DH, and the second trip, our daughter was able to join us. It was fun getting to stop and photograph unique places and sometimes odd sights.
 The World's Largest natural Spring:
someone has a sense of humor:

And I think this is really quirky! Too bad they were
closed, I bet the owner is a real character!!

    Catching up on my blog and designs...
      I have a new venture beginning that I am very excited about. 
When I have the first sample, I will post it here.   hee!

Soooo, Christmas is coming and all of digital design world is aflutter with  festive digital kits! I am right in there with them. Here is a sneak peek:

Hint: my watercolor palette could use a good rinse! lol!

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