Friday, April 3, 2015

Restoration of Beautiful Souls

 Once in awhile a precious opportunity comes knocking and you find yourself so very humbled and honored to just be a part of it.  Today I share one of those times with you.
Restoration is a very special piece, created with help of a few of my team members. I was asked to create a collection to honor and encourage survivors of rape.  I immediately thought of Beautiful Souls, a collab that my team had done about two years ago. We didn't circulate it much. So we revamped it, created custom graphics for this theme and I am honored to release it today.  As I worked on Restoration, I thought of this song which had touched my heart when I first heard it several years ago. So many females can easily relate to  the pain, the shame, the discouragement and the tricks the enemy of our souls plays upon us. But oh, how wonderful it is to see a soul that is restored to the original beauty the Master Artisan intended!
Enjoy this song, and then, please look at the new collection.

Proceeds of this collection will go to A21, the organization that fights human trafficking and abuse of persons.

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