Saturday, August 14, 2010

What does Joe Jonas have to do with Scrapbooking?

It is BACK TO CLASS in the great USA!
(Are you here to hear about Joe? Keep reading!)
Whether you are attending a conventional school,
or homeschooling traditionally, this is just what you
need to make a year's album!!!
A  MEGA kit--
( nearly 500mb) AND a freebie!
This Back To Class/ Hooray 4 Homeschool kit
has TWO element packs, TWO Alphas, a shared paper pack,
and a free sketch art pack.
My Creative Sunflower Girls and a few Homeschool Moms
really did a fantabulous job with this kit!!
"by Janie in Mn"
From AMY - on call CT
 Cathy created this one!
 Amy again!
from Kahlia- what a cute "essay"!
 Bright Future by Josh Girl
Angi shares this one- aww, I remember the day
when CJ went from Homeschool/Private school to public.
He was much older, but it was still a milestone!
AND Now for JOE Jonas and his brothers...
YES! I taught Joe Jonas!!!  We had quite a special class,
as the campus had students and their children, from more
than 70 nations! I LOVED it!!!
 I babysat his brothers,
and his parents babysat our kids too! This was when
my husband and I were on staff
at Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Texas.
You can see a video of them singing with Daddy-  AND my class singing

MY DAUGTHER is on the right in a dark green velvet dress!!! 
JOE is in the right front row- beside the Korean girl.
I remember that day that
brother Kevin was hurt and Joseph
didn't show up for class.
That is where this song comes from.

By the way, Joe was really kinda quiet back then.
We had learning centers in our classroom;
his favorite was the Drama center!
Life is full of surprises and you may impact someone
with either your good will or ill- it is up to you! And they
in turn may pass it on. Then later you may learn of them
and make scrapbook pages about your time with them!!

Are you still reading?!!! GOOD for you-

and like I said above, a FREE Sketch Art Pack!!

Enjoy your HOORAY 4 HOMESCHOOL SketchArt Pack!
Here's a coupon for a big discount on the bundle!

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